Submissions are due February 11, 2018 at 11:59pm EST.
Please read these submission guidelines carefully!


The proposal must include all six of the following components in order to be considered. 

1. Idea Proposal Video: A two-minute video describing the proposed intervention and model used to develop the intervention.

2. Model Representation: A physical or digital representation of the model used in the idea development process. This may either be the model itself, a visualization, or schematic that illustrates how the model is constructed, what it aims to do, and how it is used.

3. Modeling Narrative: 300-500 word description of your modeling methodology, parameters, data sources, and any other information helpful to explain the model and climate-related phenomena you are addressing. The narrative should clearly communicate the concepts to a general nontechnical audience.

4. Proposal Narrative: 300–500 word description of the site-specific idea proposal and how it will better the site and community in question.

5. Three Proposal Images: Still images conveying the proposed intervention. All images should be 300 DPI, any orientation in either .jpeg or .png format.

6. Team Summary: List of each team members name, MIT-affiliation (undergrad, graduate student, alumni, etc.), MIT department / course number (if applicable), and individual contribution to the project. In 100 words or less describe the interdisciplinary nature of your group.


Create a separate file(s) for each of the 6 submission requirements. All material must be submitted through the Submittable website by the deadline. You may upload the files individually or as a .zip. 

Each submitted file should be named by the submission requirement number and your team/proposal name. In other words, name as follows: 
Proposal video: 1_[name]
Model Representation: 2_[name]
Modeling Narrative: 3_[name]
Proposal Narrative: 4_[name]
Proposal Images: 5_[name]
Team Summary: 6_[name]

We ask you to do this so we can easily identify each of the six components of your submission. 

Climate Changed Ideas Competition